Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

Consider this machine if you’re looking to do light to medium intensity workouts.

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The Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill has an interesting feature that makes it stand out from the rest. These treadmills are equipped with crosswalk arms. It gives the feeling of being on an elliptical, in which the user will be effectively working out both their upper and lower bodies. This is also a very affordable treadmill, just costing under $600, so even when on a budget, you can still own a treadmill.

The Crosswalk 5.2T comes with a 2.25 horse power motor and a tread belt that has the dimensions of 16″ x 50″. The treadmill has a max user weight of 250 pounds. It even has the capabilities of inclining, but only at 2 positions that are placed manually by the user.

The crosswalk arms on this treadmill feel like the poles you will see cross country skiers using. They ensure that you are using your upper body while you work out, instead of leaving your arms limp by your sides. However, they are not exactly like elliptical bars, as there is not a sufficient amount of resistance in them. If you are looking to tone your arms while on this treadmill, the crosswalk arms might not be good for this, so instead, you may use hand weights.

The Weslo has a small footprint, and can be made even smaller due to its space saver abilities. It can be folded easily so it can be stored somewhere else, or just moved to another location. This is a common feature in many treadmills, but the lightweight and compactness of this treadmill makes it easier for this model.

If you looking to hit your target fat burning zone, you are able to do this through the thumb heart rate monitor located on the console.

The Weslo 5.2T also comes with 4 preset workout programs. Looking for a challenge during your exercise couldn’t come any easier.

The walking belt is quite small when compared to other treadmills on the market, but if you are a smaller person, the size will feel perfect for you. For users of average height, there is plenty of room for you to walk on this machine.

The console is basically made up of buttons, and there is not a digital touchscreen on this treadmill. Since it’s not backlit, it could become had to use this treadmill in a dark room. The display does indicate the usual readings you will find on most treadmills. You can find here your standard workout readings:

  • Current speed level
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate

The distance is measured in miles, and there is a unique track simulation function. It measures the distance every 1/4 mile, keeping count on how many laps you completed. Speed can be adjusted through the 2 buttons on the console. Pressing the button once will change the speed slowly, and holding down the button will increase the speed in fast increments. The preset workouts can also be reached through their own buttons on the console.

The Weslo Crosswalk is a basic model of a treadmill, so it will fit users who are looking for something simple to use. Like its name suggests, this treadmill is meant to be walked on mainly. This is great for people who are not able to get outside to walk without support. It is also a low-impact workout and will not put any unnecessary stress on one’s joints. There is some cushioning on the deck, making it more comfortable to walk on than the ground outside.

The Weslo is made with strong materials, so if you are looking to jog or run, it is possible, however, this treadmill can only get to max speed of 10 MPH. The deck is made with precision crowned rollers with quality ball bearings, so even with continued use, this treadmill will last a long time.

With a manual incline system, the user will have to place it in the desired position themselves. The two inclines it can be set at are 0 percent and 6 percent. The positions are securely locked into place through the use of pins.

It does not take long to assemble the 5.2T after pulling it out of the box. The deck comes completely assembled, so all that user has to do is attach the console, handlebars, and the crosswalk arms. This should take you no more than 45 minutes when done in one sitting.

Some maintenance will need to be done periodically to keep the treadmill functioning. All you need to do is keep the belt clean, as the company lubricated everything with high-grade lubricants, and thus will not need to be in a long time. Overall, as an entry level treadmill and for its price, it provides a decent number of features.


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