URPOWER Running Belt

This belt makes it simple to get your workout in without leaving you stranded without your keys, phone, and water.

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The URPOWER Running Belt can be a helpful accessory for your running, hiking, cycling, or climbing needs. In today’s world, looking for an item that holds many functions just makes life easier. You are able to carry so much more without the bulk. And you can rest assured that nothing will be lost when items are properly secured. URPOWER running belt has multiple zippers and is water resistant, so it can be used during rain or shine, and will protect your electronics.

The running belt can be used by both men and women, as it is made out of a very lightweight and durable material. Phones have been getting larger over the years, so a sizable pocket has been added that a fit a phone up to 6.1 inches, or 6.5 inches if you decide to go with the upgraded version of the URPOWER running belt. The belt is also resistant to tears, so if it gets snagged on by low hanging branches, do not worry about your keys falling out and getting lost on the trails.

The many zippers on this useful belt will have you feeling like Batman. You are able to store your keys, smartphone, money, snacks, an inhaler, and other important items inside. If you are still using wired headphones, there is a convenient hole slot in the front that you can feed the cable through so you can still listen to music on your commute or run. The creators have even placed two pockets for small water bottles on either side of the URPOWER running belt, as you can never have too much water.

The URPOWER running belt was designed to adjust to any body shape along the waist. However, if you do not want to carry it in this fashion, it is possible to wear the running belt as a shoulder bag.

This running belt makes it easier to go out to complete your workout without leaving you stranded without your basic necessities.


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