Trideer Weight Lifting Gloves

Protect your hands with these padded microfiber gloves.

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It is widely known that weight-bearing exercise boosts people’s metabolism, improves their balance and strengthens their bones. Naturally, since calories are burned, people working out with weights usually lose weight as they build and strengthen their muscles. When exercising with weights, people must be careful, though. Sometimes, for instance, people who weight lift can rip the skin on the palms of their hands after having strained against the knurling of a bar holding heavy weight plates. This experience often causes serious pain if an injured hand has calluses that are torn off. When this happens, the hand can take a long time to heal.

So, why not try Trideer Weightlifting Gloves? They protect the skin, support the wrists and allow people to lift more weight safely as they can get a secure grip on bars and have wrist wraps to secure the glove in place and support the wrist. Such gloves are also useful for rope climbing and other gripping exercises. They are especially beneficial to people whose palms perspire.

With a honeycomb pattern on their padded palms, one pair of the Trideer Workout gloves are designed with a padded palm that absorbs shock and adds friction to provide the user a strong and tight grip. The back of the glove is stretchy for a good fit, and there are adjustable wrist straps with velcro for securing them. These gloves are appropriate for powerlifting, general gym and workout activities, rowing and cross training for women and men.

Another design for the Trideer Workout gloves serves the serious lifter well as there is double protection. Padded protection is provided on both sides with the full silica gel palm, along with finger protection and light padding on the back of the hand. These gloves are made with lightweight microfiber for a comfortable fit, and they have breathable mesh on the back of the hands to keep them dry. These workout gloves also have wrist protecting straps that are adjustable for support and protection of the wrists. Then, to make the removal of the gloves easy, there are pull tabs on the middle fingers.


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