TheraBand Water Weights

A versatile underwater dumbbell to bolster resistance during aquatic exercise.

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Have you considered taking your workout to the pool? TheraBand water weights can be combined with the low impact versatility of underwater exercise to enhance your muscle tone in your upper body, and the whole experience can be quite therapeutic.

These weights come in a set of two. They have padded grips to prevent hand fatigue, and the handles themselves are narrow enough so that you can easily grasp them.

On either side of the handles are foam weights. Because they’re made out of this lightweight material, they’ll float in a pool. This also means that even non-swimmers and people who want to keep their hair dry can be comfortable using these water weights. The foam can stand up to prolonged time in the water, though it’s probably best to pull them out of the pool when not in use. When you do pull them out, they do stay fairly wet, so you’ll want to have a towel nearby.

The weights are ideal for many types of exercises. You can run through various motions to increase your flexibility, endurance, mobility, and strength. When using these exercise tools, you’ll be able to focus on your upper back, lower back, core abdominal and oblique muscles, biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

People of all abilities can use these weights, ad there are three different sizes. The lightest is 10″ across, and 2.5 pounds of force is required to push them under the water. The medium pair is 12″ across, and 4 pounds of force is required to submerge them. At the high end of the spectrum is a larger set of weights, with each measuring 15″ across. Six pounds of force is required to push them under the water. If you’re just starting out with this type of activity, start with the smaller ones and progress once you feel comfortable and can do many repetitions without tiring out.


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