The Hodgetwins: The Ripped Social Media Comedy Duo

Meet the musclebound funny men Kevin and Keith Hodge.

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The Hodgetwins is the name given to two muscle bound twin siblings named Kevin and Keith who love to work out and have personalities twice the size of their muscle. Their charm has elevated them to stardom and have become a social media sensation. The twins have a military background, being with the United States military for some time before they decided to join the entertainment industry. The Hodgetwins were born and raised in the state of Virginia, and when they were still young, their parents saw their talent to entertain people. They always make the people around them laugh, and they never realized that this talent will someday become their ticket to success. The Hodgetwins never realized that making people chuckle could can become a serious career in the future.

Initially, the Hodgetwins wanted to pursue a career in the financial sector, and later on, they decided to join the United States military. However, one of the Hodgetwins realized that they never wanted to do these things forever. The twins had a corporate job in the past, but they decided to quit altogether and joined the entertainment industry to become successful. The two had to talk about their decision, and when they saw the opportunities that are waiting for them to open, they realized that going to the entertainment industry is the road that they really need to take. They chose a theme for their social media activity, and decided that it should focus on lifestyle and becoming fit and well.

Their first video was uploaded to YouTube in 2008, and eleven years later, the number of their subscribers has grown to 1.2 million people. They also accumulated over 200 million views on the internet. The videos that they are making focused on nutrition, exercises, and tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The edgy humor shown by the twins in their videos allowed them to become a global sensation, and their awesome personality also added a twist to the videos that they are making. After they gained a huge following, the twins decided to venture out in different topics. This helped them to acquire more views and subscribers through the years.

Today, Keith and Kevin are enjoying a different level of popularity around the world. They have a huge fan following, and they are invited to speak at conferences and different seminars to show how they managed to achieve success while being on social media. They also appeared on several television commercials and played small roles on TV, allowing them to expand their brand. The two continues to pursue their goals in life, and they believe that they can achieve it by creating more videos and engaging with their fans around the world. The twins are still on the rise, and their talent in making the people laugh will continue to benefit them and their YouTube channel.

Age & Birthday

Kevin and Keith Hodge (The Hodgetwins) are 45 years old and were born September 17, 1975.


The twins are 6’3” in height (190.5 centimeters), and their weight falls between 205 to 215 pounds (88.5 to 93 kilograms).

The twins have an enormous body size because of their committed workout routines, and they are proud to say that they were able to achieve their perfectly chiselled body because of their determination to work out and exercise. They are also encouraging the people to engage in exercises that will help them to look better. The twins also provide some important information on their social media pages so be sure to check it out.



The Hodgetwins have a different diet than other body builders. Every day, they only eat 120 to 140 grams of protein. They said that they need to eat only this small amount of protein every day because it will be dangerous for their colons and kidneys if they would choose to eat more. The twins said that a low protein diet is what worked the best for them. They eat only a small amount of protein, but consume at least 2,500 calories each day to supply their energy needs. Carbohydrates are fats are not a problem to the twins, and they shared that they do not really count it, but they are estimating it. Following their diet quickly allowed them to create a strong and muscular body that has become one of their trademarks. They also shared to their subscribers that they need to find the calorie that would work best with their bodies.

They are also providing some rules on what their followers must eat if they wanted to emulate their bodies. The first rule surrounds on the protein that they need to eat, and limit it only to eggs, chicken, and beef. They also shared that the best sources of carbohydrates are legumes, rice, potatoes, and vegetables. They also encouraged the public to eat at home, and learn how to cook because it is healthier and cheaper. If the Hodgetwins wanted to lose weight, they cut their calorie intake to only 1,800 to 2,000 a day. They are also eating up to six times a day – but this is only focused on small meals.

Training & Workout Routine

The Hodgetwins said that they had to work out on the same body part at least twice a week. Doing this would allow their muscles on this specific part of the body to develop further. They have to train constantly to promote muscle growth, and along with their diet, they are allowing themselves to achieve these feats.

They have been squatting since they were in the military, but an injury at their backs during their training stopped them from doing this exercise. They had to look for an alternative, and found out that the best thing that they can do to emulate the benefits of squatting would be engaging in high volume leg workouts. Doing this one regularly would allow their leg muscles to develop further and become stronger.

Best Known For

The Hodgetwins is best known for their social media accounts. Their most popular social media platform is YouTube, where they originally uploaded some of their videos that showcase their training tips and tricks under the brand “TwinMuscle”. Not long after TwinMuscle they started recording funny videos under a couple of YouTube accounts as the “TheHodgeTwins” and “askhodgetwins” that typically answered a viewer question that had a mature vibe and usually a fitness culture undertone. Keith and Kevin love to post blogs as well, and they said that this is what makes them happy. They love to share what they do to their following hoping that they will gain more subscribers in the process.

Achievements & Awards

The Hodge Twins worked out a deal with a talent acquisition company called Gersh and started their own comedy tour where they now travel about once a week to places all across the US and Canada. You can check their tour dates here:

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