Supplementing with L-Glutamine: What Does It Do?

A quick 5 grams daily can drastically improve muscle soreness and recovery.

Glutamine is a crucial weapon in the arsenal of bodybuilders and weightlifters worldwide. The most abundant amino acid found in the body, glutamine, is found in most meat products, including chicken, beef, dairy, eggs, and more.

A higher than typical dose of glutamine can be especially important for an athlete who may deplete their body’s natural stores during intense exercise. When muscles and tendons are stressed, they require higher amounts of glutamine than in typical resting situations. Glutamine taken after workouts can restore optimal levels of glutamine in the body.

Numerous scientific studies have indicated that glutamine taken with a weightlifting regime decreases time to recovery and potentially increases muscle mass and strength compared to control groups who did not take the supplement.

The benefits of glutamine extend to cardio exercise as well as anabolic workouts. One study on runners concluded that the amino acid reduced a blood marker used to diagnosis fatigue levels measured after two hours of running.

Many people, even athletes, have experienced gastrointestinal health challenges. The modern Western diet, frenetic pace of life and other factors have increased the prevalence of gut disease in recent years. Combined with the increasing scientific awareness of the deeply central importance of gut health to overall health, maintaining a top-functioning digestive system can ensure maximal performance during exercise. Glutamine is the essential component of the gut lining, sometimes called the “gut barrier”. Maintaining this tissue is crucial for good gut health. As such, glutamine has been proven to enhance the body’s natural repair of this lining.

Finally, glutamine has been proven to enhance immune system function, which keeps athletes in the gym or on the trail.

Many supplement companies offer a glutamine supplement that comes in powder form. The unflavored version is tasteless and dissolves easily in liquid. 100% of the content is pure glutamine powder and typical dosing is 5 grams. Adding the supplement to your post-workout shake or daily supplement routine is fast and easy.

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