SuperMats 30GS Heavy Duty Equipment Mat

Keep your floors protected and scuff free with this vinyl composite mat.

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The SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat is the product to take the worry away from home damage from fitness machines. These mats measure 30” x 72” and when placed under your treadmill, recumbent bike, elliptical, rowing machine or any general exercise equipment will protect your floors and carpet from the jarring workouts you put your fitness machines through. They leave no black marking or color bleeding on your floors and stays in place where you put them.

The heavy duty mats will help extend the life of your exercise equipment in two ways. It dampens vibration which keeps the many parts of your expensive equipment nice and tight which prevent these parts from breaking. These mats also help prevent floor dust and dirt from entering the sensitive mechanical workings of your equipment. A bonus tip is that since these dampen vibration, they dampen noise as well. So if you’re trying to sneak in a workout between baby naps or live around or with people who don’t take too kindly for extra noise, this is perfect.

In addition to helping save your equipment and flooring, these mats can do double duty by being used as exercise mats for your floor exercises, meditations and stretching.

Reviews are an important part of the buying process. They provide a level of trust for the product and the company and these mats have great reviews. These easy to clean Supermats are Made in the U.S.A. with durable vinyl composite construction and are safe for children and pets because Supermats are made with no harmful chemicals or materials.

Set up your home gym in style and let these mats take your confidence to another level so you can get the best workout of your life day after day.


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