Sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike

A cost effective, sturdy, and dependable indoor cycle for any home gym.

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The Sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike comes in white or silver and has a fully adjustable seat, resistance, and handlebars. It is designed with a heavy duty crank and a steel frame for added stability. The chain drive mechanism provides riders with a quiet and smooth workout. This cycle makes it fun to do a cardio workout at home no matter what the weather is like outdoors. It is built with solid steel parts and sturdy plastics. It is easily moved or stored with the help of the transportation wheels. This bike is versatile due to the adjustability in many of the primary features. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It is perfect for home use with a compact size of 46.5 inches in length, 20.5 inches in width, and 47.5 inches in height.

Best Features:

• Fully Adjustable Handlebars, Seat, and Resistance
• 44 Pound Flywheel
• Steel Frame and Heavy Duty Crank
• Transportation Wheels Included
• Smooth and Quiet Chain Drive Mechanism

What We Like:

This cycle is constructed to be heavy duty, and it can undergo continuous use without the threat of wear and tear. The heavy, smooth flywheel does an excellent job of recreating the feel of riding an actual bike outdoors. As one of Sunny’s newer models, this bike has a sturdier frame and heavier flywheel. Depending on one’s gender, weight, and age, riders can burn up to 1200 calories on this cycle.

Riders can experience a more comfortable ride with the adjustable handlebars and seat that can be set to one’s specific body shape. This feature reduces the risk of injury as well. It does come with the chain drive rather than a belt drive. This can cause excessive noise, but it is still quieter than comparable versions on the market. Those who enjoy listening to music or watching TV while working out shouldn’t have a problem with sound.

Pedals are wide and come with the toe straps that can fit a wide range of shoe sizes. The 44 lb. flywheel is quite heavy, and it is impressive that a cycle at this price point includes it. Heavier flywheels give riders more of a challenge along with smoother rides. It also aids in keeping the cycle steady.

Muscle strain is minimal due to the padded seat. It can be adjusted and has an ergonomically shape. Blisters and sores are also prevented by the adjustable handlebars while the padding and texture help riders keep a firm grip.

Even though this indoor cycle is heavy, it can be moved easily with the transport wheels. Once the machine is in place, the wheels can be detached. Workouts are enhanced by the manual resistance system. Riders have the freedom to adjust the tension to their fitness level. This feature makes it the ideal bike for the novice who needs to build stamina.

What We Don’t Like:

One thing we don’t like about this indoor cycle is that the parts can become noisier as the bike gets used more. The crank can develop a knocking sound and the chain is loud, although this is a sturdy and well-built cycle.

In reviews of this particular spin bike, consumers found that the resistance tension knob is quite sensitive. Riders can go from a setting of zero resistance to full resistance in only one half turn of the knob. It also tends to change resistance if set before climbing on.

Another factor to consider is that this indoor cycle may not be suitable for all heights. Although the seat is adjustable, many riders found it does not fit correctly. Those 5’5” and under find it rather tall while those 6’ or more think it’s on the short side.

The Bottom Line:

The Sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike is a well-made, sturdy, and dependable piece of equipment for any home gym. Reviews do mention some excessive noise, but it isn’t loud enough to interfere with one’s workout. Those who find the height or weight limits restricting may want to consider the Sunny Health 7 Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike which is quieter and more adaptive for only a slightly higher price.

This indoor cycle is an excellent basic bike for any home cyclist. It can be moved easily for better storage inside one’s house, and it provides all the necessary resistance levels for a good cardiovascular workout. If you are looking for a basic spin bike that is affordable, without the extra features you won’t use anyway, this is the bike for you.


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