Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Easy assembly is just one perk of this steel framed rower.

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The Sunny SF-RW5801 was a new addition to the Sunny Health and Fitness line of rowing machines in 2018. It is a very affordable magnetic rower. Its concept is simple, rowing, but for an at home workout, it provides an amazing workout. It does not take up a lot of space, having the dimensions of 72″ L x 22″ W, 23″ H, and a small weight of 46.2 lbs. There is a weight limit at about 285 lbs.

The Sunny rower is a fully steel frame with a durable rail and seating system. the railing is built to allow anyone under 6’2″ to be able to use the machine to its full capacity. The rowing system as a fairly small usage space, and can be made even smaller through its foldable frame. So if you need to store the machine away, it is very possible to do so.

The rower is not a heavy unit, and can be easily assemble or transported by one person. The front base of the rower is also built with wheels, making it even easier to move the machine to your desired spot. The base of the rower has rubberized pads, providing a firm grip so the machine does not slide as the user is operating the machine. However, the pads are not able to be further adjusted.

The footrests are able to pivot to fit your unique foot positioning. The pivot design is also very useful in that it slightly adjusts to a different angle for each part of the rowing motion. The footrests have a comfortable ribbed and no-slip surface with heel guards and foot straps.

The seat is also made with durable material that allows for comfort while in use. The seat is large, so is able to accommodate a wide variety of rear sizes. The outer parts of the seat are made out of a nice comfort foam, but is also ribbed to stop the user from sliding while going through the rowing motions. At the bottom of the seat are six integrated wheels. The small ball bearings it is designed with are able to provide a smooth rowing experience. Also, the wheels are hidden so your clothes will not get caught underneath. Safety first.

This magnetic rower is also rust resistant with a coat of paint. However, the machine is intended for mainly indoor use, but if you want to roll it outside onto your patio or balcony, that is fine. If stored outside and there is moisture, parts of the rowing system that are not coated can rust.

The Sunny rower is able to provide an intense workout through its magnetic resistance system. How this is done is the following: a small magnetic brake is in place and connected to a tension dial inside of the machine. The is then connected through to a steel cable. When the dial is turned, the brake pad in moved closer to the wheel, which in turn increases the magnetic field internally. This will lead to increased tension during your workout routine.

Because the machine is magnetically driven, there is no need for a power source. Everything is manually driven, making it possible to use the machine anywhere in the home. There are 8 resistance levels provided by the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine. For reference, the highest resistance does not provide the necessary resistance that a professional rower needs. However, it does provide enough resistance for a light to medium cardio workout. This system provides a great full body workout for the casual user.

With magnetic rowers, the resistance stays constant to the level of the resistance that was picked out. This is different from other rowing systems that are powered through air or water resistance. The others have resistance that vary on intensity depending on how hard you pull. This set resistance with the Sunny rower might be convenient for many who want a consistent workout.

The rowing machine also comes with a fitness monitor. The monitor has settings that allow you to set up specific goals for your workout, such as time frame, distance, stroke count, or calories burned. The monitor counts down from the setting that is picked and stops once it reaches zero. This allows the user to effectively keep track of their progress. The monitor also keeps track of the total distance traveled, total row count, and RPM. Unlike other workout machines, it does not a the ability to track the user’s pulse.

The Sunny rower is very easy to assemble and not not require too much maintenance. This is a beginner level rower, but can still provide a great cardio workout for the user.


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