Stamina Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Exercise Bike

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The Stamina 1350 recumbent bike is one of the most affordable recumbent exercise bikes on the market. Many users proclaim this is a very good bike to have in their home. It has been sold for many years now, but it’s still a very popular product. This bike has a simple design, but this does not mean that it doesn’t come with some unique features.

The recumbent bike comes with an adjustable magnetic resistance, this allows the user to fit the bike to their height. A basic console display is also used that allows the user to pick their workouts. With this bike, you’re not just getting what you paid for, as there are many extra features that make this price seem like a steal. If you’re looking for an exercise bike to use at home, this summary will give you some details of what to expect when you purchase this bike.

Firstly, let’s look at how durable this Stamina recumbent 1350 exercise bike is going to be for you to provide you a secure and steady workout. The bike is very lightweight, measuring up to a small 54 lb. The Stamina bike is made with a very high quality steel frame and stabilizer bars that hold the bike steady as you pump through your workout.

While you are working out, you do not have to worry about the machine wobbling or making any distracting squeaks. This bike was designed with end caps on the rear of the bike to allow the user to level the bike when there is some small variation in the floor that it is placed over. This is to be sure that the bike does not rock during exercise.

This Stamina 1350 is able to accommodate a variety of sizes and heights. After some testing, it seems like the bike is able to fit individuals who stand at 5ft 2in, up to 6ft. Even if you are under the height suggestion comet there is a way for you to still use this machine. You have to place some cushions behind you while you are seated a bit closer to the front of the seat. This can help you to avoid stretching to reach the pedals.

Now, if you are over 6ft tall, it is likely that you can still use the machine, but, you will not get the full range of motion that will be most comfortable for you. The cramped feeling you might experience can lead you to push yourself to stretch your legs and this can lead to possible injuries. Just this bike, there is a knob in the middle of the bike. The seat can then be moved back and forth to fit your desired length.

The resistance on the Stamina 1350 Bike is controlled manually through the tension knob in the front of the bike. Unfortunately, the resistance levels are not marked on the knob, however, there are usually about eight levels of resistance on bikes in this price range for reference. You will most likely have to feel your way through to find the proper assistance for your workout.

To increase resistance on this bike, you turn the knob clockwise. To reduce resistance you just turn the knob counterclockwise. Because the resistance is provided through magnets, there’s no noise produced, allowing it to be a quiet bike with very low maintenance. The more resistance you add to your workout, the tougher and more challenging it will be. For beginners and people who are using this machine for rehab, it is best to start at a lighter resistance, and then increase when you feel more comfortable. You can definitely get a good cardio workout when you increase the resistance as this will increase your heart rate and get you to break a sweat.

Power for the stamina bike is provided through the weighted flywheel and belt drive. You are offered a steady and consistent motion while you pedal. The flywheel is protected by an enclosed casing, so you will not have to worry about any damage to the flywheel by accidents, kids, or pets.

The over-sized pedals on this bike provide a great platform to push against. The pedals are textured making sure that your feet stay connected to the pedal. These pedals do not have a strap on them, however your feet should be able to stay on the pedals when the bike is being used and you are correctly adjusted on the seat. Pedals are even able to go backwards as well.

While using an exercise bike, you will expect some level of comfort. Both the seat and backrest are padded and covered with vinyl. The backrest is also fixed at a specific angle, but the seat can be moved to adjust to your height.

Like any other exercise machine, there is a console display to show your workout data, such as time. The console will need two AA batteries to operate, and they are usually included with the purchase.

If you do not want any extra bells and whistles with your exercise bike, then this is a very good recumbent exercise bike to invest in. It is a great bike for beginners who want to start their fitness journey.


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