Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Drink Mix

An appealing natural drink mix to maximize your energy level.

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One of the biggest challenges for any endurance athlete is to find the perfect combination of energy, hydration, flavor, and digestibility in an energy drink. Most of us don’t even consider these factors until it is too late, though. Believe me, 30 miles away from home is the wrong time to realize you made a bad choice. Thankfully, Skratch Labs solves this problem for most endurance athletes.

Natural Ingredients

The one aspect of Skratch Labs that is very appealing is the fact the product is flavored with natural ingredients, meaning real fruit, sodium, and sugar. There are no dyes or artificial flavors added to their drink mixes or any of their energy products. This makes a HUGE difference, especially on longer rides.

Avoiding Rotgut

The worst feeling an endurance athlete can have is an upset stomach during a long ride or run. As the stomach pains begin, there are generally only a few ways this will go. You can either stop running/riding, stop drinking, or switch over to plain water. Nobody wants to quit, which means you are going to either dehydrate or hydrate with plain water that will not replace the electrolytes and energy being expended in the event.

The reason you get rotgut is because of all the additives and artificial flavorings in some of the most popular sports drinks on the market, such as Gatorade and Powerade. This does not happen with Skratch Labs because it is all-natural. The end result is that you can continue to drink it and enjoy it during the entire event. Point being, you don’t have to worry about that late-day bonk that happens when you are not hydrating properly.

Plenty of Variety

If you are worried about variety or get bored drinking the same flavor every day or even the same flavor throughout an event, that is not a problem when using Skratch Labs. There are currently seven flavors available, and this does not even include the specialty drinks from Skratch Labs, like the Anytime and Hyper Hydration Mixes.

The bottom line here is when you use Skratch Labs, you are using a top quality hydration supplement. As an added bonus, they make the product available in single serve and variety packs so that you can test the product and dial in your favorites without spending a fortune.


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