Pure Label Nutrition L-Arginine

Try this amino supplement for enhanced creatine absorption and improved circulation.

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L-Arginine is one of those basic building blocks used by your body. If you’re a rapidly growing person, this conditionally-essential amino acid quickly becomes essential. Your body uses it to generate protein.

It’s a supplement that you’ll want to get the body you want. This amino acid gives your body the awesome boost needed for building muscle quickly. Once in the body, L-Arginine quickly converts to nitric oxide. As nitric oxide, it dilates the blood vessels and increases blood flow. Your muscles just love getting that extra blood. The increased blood flow ushers in more nutrients, giving your muscles fuel to grow.

L-Arginine promotes muscle growth in multiple ways. Other than increasing your blood circulation, L-Arginine will grow your muscles by promoting the release of growth hormones. You’ll also benefit from its ability to encourage creatine absorption. We all know that creatine is essential for muscle growth and endurance.

While L-Arginine is working its magic on your muscles, it’s also supporting your post-workout recovery. It helps to keep the pain from working hard away. With L-arginine, you’ll quickly bounce back after the more intense workouts.

Not only is Arginine wonderful for bodybuilding, but it’s also fantastic for cardiovascular health. The amino acid can ease the symptoms of many health issues related to poor circulation. It reduces symptoms of congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease. L-Arginine brings down high blood pressure to a more reasonable level.

Even dementia sufferers can win with L-Arginine. Increase blood flow to the brain often results in increases in mental capacity. Last, but not least, L-Arginine can help reverse erectile dysfunction and aid male fertility.

Pure Label Nutrition’s L-Arginine supplements are an easy way to get that extra helpful dose of L-Argentine. Pure-A uses four different types of L-Arginine, making it more effective than the average supplement. Take three capsules once or twice a day to experience its benefits.


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