Prime Labs Nitro Blast Nitric Oxide Booster

The new and improved evolution of N.O. boosters.

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There is nothing worse than finding yourself in mid-workout maximizing your potential only to feel depleted, lethargic, and unenthusiastic. We have all been there. With intermittent fasting becoming a mainstay in the fitness community, maintaining our energy levels in the gym is crucial, which is why nitric oxide boosters are not only healthy but also an incredible aid in increasing blood flow in a completely natural process.

After some trial and error, I recently found amazing results with Nitro Blast by Prime Labs. Their product goes beyond typical nitric oxide boosting supplements by adding key nutrients that contribute to natural energy production. With vitamins B6 and B12, as well as the holy grail of energy production—zinc, in addition to the nitric booster necessities of L-arginine, Nitro Blast adds an additional boost of a formulated amino acid mixture which is assisted by potassium, zinc, b-vitamins, and niacin.

Increased blood flow is no longer limited to the dangerous and jittery stimulant effects of caffeine, supplementation with natural nitric oxide boosters increases energy while providing essential oxygen to muscles. Nitro Blast decreases the downtime that comes with intense workout sessions and replenishes your muscles and entire body with a complex of energy vitamins to reduce fatigue. With a complex of essential amino acids, Nitro Blast will also pump you up as an added benefit.

Typical disadvantages often found with nitric oxide boosters is that they produce lethargy post-workout. What is so great about Nitro Blast is the addition of b-vitamins and zinc, which replenish energy levels during vasodilation, thereby cushioning fatigue after a hardcore lifting session. With the boost from amino acids, cushioned with the mix of energy vitamins, I was able to lift longer without muscle fatigue and weakness.

With 120 capsules, enough for thirty workouts, Nitro Blast is the new wave of nitric oxide boosters. The natural euphoria that comes with working out doesn’t have to come down and Nitro Blast is my new personal assistant for gym visits.


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