P2 Sports & Fitness Jump Rope Workout System (For Double Unders)

Unlike standard gym ropes, this RX jump rope has functional features that help users constantly improve.

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When someone progresses far enough in their fitness routine to realize the importance of jumping rope, they will need to invest in sophisticated equipment. Anyone can get a great workout with a standard jump rope, but they will inevitably run into frustrations, like trying to master the double under, when their skill level increases.

The P2 Sports & Fitness Jump Rope Workout System has features that will aid a serious fitness fanatic or in their workout. Many people make jumping rope a core exercise in their daily routines, and Crossfit training is no exception either. The full body coordination, and constant movement during this exercise, taxes the body like no other movement. When a person gets really good at jumping rope, their rotational speed and force will increase. This advancement often exceeds the limitations of standard jump ropes.

Incorporating intensity movements like the double under requires a rope that can handle ballistic movements. This means having handles that do not impede rope movement, and rope diameters that do not create air resistance. The P2 Sports & Fitness RX Jump Rope is ideal for people who have achieved a level of intensity in their workouts to demand the use of a jump rope that can keep up with them.

This jump rope has ergonomic handles that naturally grip the contours of the hand. This is important when muscular force is exerted. Each handle is equipped with an end that features ball bearings within a mechanical pinon. This allows the rope to turn at any rate of speed that the user can produce, and they will never create a twist that interferes with the jumper’s rhythm. The rope inserts can be adjusted to accommodate a medium or thin diameter rope. Thinner ropes cut the air better, and the thinnest rope is always held securely in place with this system.

Serious fitness fanatics invest their time and energy in equipment that keeps up with their personal levels of intensity. The P2 Sports & Fitness Double Under Jump Rope is built to withstand incredibly vigorous and fast workouts.


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