MXL MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline

Rebounders are not a new wave in the fitness industry, but their resurgence shows people’s interest in getting healthy.

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You might have seen or used this little contraption at your local gym, a mini trampoline. It reminds you of your youth, spending times with your family and friend over the summer on a giant trampoline. You will feel exhilarated as you bounced on one and struggled not to fall, as you know the others will keep bouncing to make it harder for you to get up. Well the mini trampoline takes the exhilarating qualities of the giant trampoline, keeping the struggle of using it out. Mini trampolines provide another form of cardio for fitness enthusiasts who like to add variety to their routines.

The MXL MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline has been created to provide and healthy and fun way to burn calories in the comfort of your own home. Or you can take it outside to get some sun and an intense workout. The use of the trampoline is a low-impact form of activity. It its beneficial in kickstarting your immune and lymph system, and building up bone mass. It is suited for all types, especially beginners first learning how to implement trampolines into their workouts.

The MXL Maximus Life Bounce & Burn comes with a DVD of recommended exercises and a bounce counter. It is a very affordable piece of equipment, so if you want to get into the bounce life, this would be a good place to start. It is a quality trampoline and belongs to the compact class of trampolines, having a diameter of 40″.

If you already have a regimen that incorporates light to mid-level intensity of training, then adding this mini trampoline will be easy. The trampoline provides an aerobic cardio workout through bouncing. Think of jump roping, just less impact on your joints. The rebounding effects are slightly rigid, so it is recommended for users to wear shoes while using the MXL Maximus Life Bounce & Burn mini trampoline.

Not everyone has access or time to get to a gym, so creating an at home environment by buying reasonably priced accessories such as the MXL Maximus Life Bounce & Burn allows people to stay fit.


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