L-arginine Plus (Elements of Health Care)

An easy on the stomach powder with refreshing grape and lemon flavors.

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L-Arginine has been a staple for athletes for decades. Not every L-Arginine product however, has a high quality. Some are difficult to digest, and some do not last long in the bloodstream. L-arginine Plus is a premier product that is very potent and easy to digest.

L-arginine Plus comes in a powdered form. The grape and lemon flavors are both refreshing. This is a big change for people who have used unflavored products in the past. It dissolves completely when mixed with water, and it is immediately absorbed by the gut. This is what allows maximum blood volumization for the longest time period. It is ideal for people who love long workouts. It is also perfect for people needing to utilize other stacked supplements.

L-arginine Plus is attractive to the fitness community and to medical professionals. Many people are looking for ways to improve heart health without using harsh prescriptions. This supplement combines the highest quality of L-Arginine with L-Citruline, multiple vitamins, Astragin plant extract, and more than seventy trace minerals. It is normally very difficult to absorb an amino acid precursor like L-Citruline on its own. Someone can also be overwhelmed with taking enough separate supplements to cover their health needs. L-arginine Plus combines and delivers a full spectrum of healthy agents in a single flavorful drink.

If a person likes to take an L-Arginine supplement before a tough workout, this product creates a world class vein-thumping, blood-rushing, muscle-pumping boost. If heart health maintenance is the goal, it can be ingested throughout the day. Dividing servings in the morning and afternoon is a great way to regulate vitals like blood pressure. L-arginine Plus is literally a type of vitamin and mineral therapy that is powered by the action of available L-Arginine in the bloodstream. This product creates results that you can feel, and positive health benefits that your doctor will notice and applaud.


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