Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells

A dynamic resistance tool for aquatic therapy and aerobics.

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The Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells integrate a unique, versatile design with aquatic movement technology to create a dynamic swimming pool workout. With these dumbbells, users are able to strengthen a wide range of muscles by performing various underwater movements. The design, specifically created for the water, allows for a free flowing and easy to use piece of equipment.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Kiefer Water Workout Dumbells are the aquatic design features built for easy and flowing movements underwater. The dumbbells combine two Wave Eater racing lane floats with a lightweight handle to ensure the best possible movement below the surface. Additionally, the turbo reactive discs allow for even resistance through all planes of motion. Therefore, unlike a normally shaped dumbbell, the Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells will react smoothly to any directional movements.

The Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells are also adjustable and can be varied in weight to suit your strength or workout needs. The easy to grip handles can be filled through a hole to either increase or decrease the weight. For lightweight, you can leave the handles empty of any material. For a moderate weight, fill the handles with water. And for a heavier weight, fill the handles with sand.

Available in two different color options, the Kiefer Water Workout dumbbells are a great option for water therapy or water aerobics classes. Using these dumbbells will allow the user to strengthen a wide range of muscles. You can perform dumbbell curls for biceps, a front raise or side lateral row to strengthen the shoulders, or a back fly to strengthen the back and rear deltoid muscles.

Whether you are recovering from an injury and performing aquatic therapy, or you enjoy the social benefits of working out in group water aerobics classes, the Kiefer Water Workout Dumbbells are a great option to strengthen your body with seamless, easy to perform weighted exercise.


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