Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

This top of the line flagship smart cycle is virtually unmatched in both quality and engineering.

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The Keiser M3i Indoor cycle is a smart cycling machine that uses a bluetooth wireless display that may be used in group fitness classes to project results on a screen or in conjunction with electronic devices including smartphones and tablets for personal use.

Results displayed on the screen include revolutions per minute, heart rate and trip distance. The exercise machine also includes a pull-pin for simple seat adjustment, a magnetic resistance system and a water bottle holder.

The cycling machine weighs 85 lbs, and it has a height of 45 inches, a width of 26 inches and a length of 49 inches fitting comfortably in both a gym and a home. The product also features four way adjustable seat wheels that make moving the cycling bike easy. Finally, it comes in an elegant black and red color scheme.

Best Features

  • Bluetooth Wireless Display
  • Four Way Adjustable Seat
  • Infinite Resistance Adjustment
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Dual Placement Handles
  • Easy transport

The Pros

The Keiser M3i bike offers good stability, plenty of room for adjustment and easy transport. This type of bike is considered a studio bike because the build is heavier than on an upright bike, and the majority of the cycle’s weight is kept low, which enhances stability. In addition, the cycling machine offers plenty of adjustments.

The handlebars and seat may be adjusted both vertically and horizontally for comfort. It’s also easy to adjust the seat and handlebars because this machine uses a pull-pin style that is far easier than the traditional screw-in wheel of some other cycling machines. Adjusting the handlebars may also help make a workout more challenging or easier.

Although the machine only weighs 85lbs and could be moved without too much difficulty, it also provides easy transport because it’s built with wheels. Additionally, the cycle offers a magnetic resistance system based on gear changes, and moving the resistance away from the person on the bike makes the workout more difficult.

The water bottle holder is also comfortable for people cycling who don’t want to get off a machine in the middle of workout for a water break. The most important innovation of this cycling machine is the bluetooth wireless connectivity. This provides important statistics during a workout including gear, distance and power output.

The screen is also backlit for easy readings. Having this feature may make it easier to use fitness apps. It also includes an ability to sync data between phones while in the middle of a workout. For group fitness classes, multiple bikes may be displayed on a projector. Finally, the device offers an easy to assemble manual.

The step-to-step guide is helpful, and most people may setup their bike within 30 minutes to one hour.

The Cons

Some drawbacks of this cycling machine is that assembly requires certain tools. Although the manual clearly states what the tools needed are, which includes adjustable wrenches, allen wrenches and a torque wrench, these items aren’t included in the box. While many people have these items lying around their home, some people will have to go out and purchase these items or borrow them from someone else. This is somewhat irritating; however, setup likely only has to occur once.

Additionally, the price tag is not cheap. While this is one of the most technologically advanced cycling machines on the market, not everyone has almost $2,000 to spend on a cycling bike. However, the price tag might motivate some to use the machine after their purchase. Finally, the biggest drawback for many users is that the bluetooth connectivity feature is still incompatible with some popular fitness apps. Although most apps are currently adding this feature, it will take some time. However, there are plenty of apps that support these features, with more being released every day.

The Verdict

While there are many other upscale cycling bikes, the Keiser M3i is currently the only bike with the bluetooth connectivity feature. Despite some minor drawbacks of the Kesier M3i including needing some items for setup, the high cost and that some apps still don’t support the bluetooth features, this Keiser model is widely considered the absolute top-of-the-line spin style cycle available.

Those who purchase machines without this feature may find themselves wanting an upgrade within the next year or two. In the long run, purchasing the Keiser M3i is a great choice for cardio enthusiasts who appreciate a finely engineered product that will last for years to come.


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