Kangoo Jumps XR3 Model

A futuristic and fun way to get an invigorating jump workout.

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The Kangoo Jumps XR3 model is a fun and futuristic way to get a full-body workout. These boots let you change up your routine with the “rebound” method. This fitness routine has become incredibly popular because it’s much more gentle on your joints. It’s like wearing a trampoline on your feet. The best part is that you can take the boots anywhere. You won’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership anymore.

The XR3 is the brand’s original model. It has boots that look like roller skates. They boast a sleek unisex appearance: the boots are a stylish black color with a splash of orange in the bands. The different liner options let you customize the XR3 as a fun accessory. Just throw the boot liners in the washing machine for use after use. The sole is breathable for added comfort.

The boots are super easy to use for every age and fitness level. You can enjoy them as part of physical therapy or just to have fun. Any weight can use the XR3 with ease. You will adjust quickly with just 5-15 minutes of practice. Soon you’ll be bouncing all over the place. Tighten the bands if you want greater resistance and a bigger workout. The benefits don’t just stop at fitness. The XR3’s support plates correct your feet positioning over time. Its liners automatically adapt to your foot shape.

Rebound with confidence using the XR3’s built-in safety features. The springs can be locked to eliminate the risk of slippage. Durable, sturdy boots fit true-to-size and strap securely to your feet. They are supported by springs that act as mini shock-absorbers. The springs have thick treads that are great on every surface.

Kangoo Jumps invested 7 years of testing to prove that the XR3 is the best new way to work out. Come see what all the fuss is about.


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