Jump Roping: How Many Calories Does It Actually Burn?

This exercise is a great way to get your legs, core, and arms thumping to a rhythm of energy.

Jumping rope is a training exercise that professional athletes have been using since the dawn of time. The average adult can burn as much as 600 calories per half hour jumping a rope.

It also improves coordination, balance, fine motor skills, and stimulates bone growth like other high-impact workouts. In fact, jumping rope is not only a popular form of cardio with boxers but can even be an art if you get into the more acrobatic forms of it.

How Much Weight Can I Lose Jumping Rope?

If you lose 500 calories in under 30 minutes, that would make it easy to burn off an extra 3,500 calories if you jumped rope once a day. Experts warn against losing too much weight too fast, however. You should never stress your body by trying to lose more than two pounds a week. This could backfire and cause your body to slow down its metabolism or to start burning valuable muscle proteins.

Of course, calorie burning is all relative. Everyone has different metabolic rates and different calorie deficits or gains. Someone who uses 1,500 a day but only eats 1,000 calories has attained the ideal 500 calorie deficit for that one pound per week weight loss goal. However, there is far more to the equation than meets the eye. An athletic person will burn 500 calories sitting in a chair for an hour batting his eyelashes.

The secret of many athletes is to use High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to break up the high-impact exercises and reduce the time spent on physical labor to get fit. When you engage in HIIT, your body will continue to burn calories pursuant to an afterburn effect that keeps on going even into the following day.

An example of using HIIT in jumping rope would be to rapidly jump rope for 30 seconds and then pause for 60 seconds. If you accumulate several sets and alternate your footing from a right or left foot launch, you can get your heart rate up quickly and exhaust your body’s oxygen supplies.

The physiological processes to regenerate your oxygen supplies also anticipate increased use in the future. This allows you to burn lots of energy without doing anything. Using this turbo burn process to strengthen your stamina, your lung capacity, and your muscles in one quick shot is a method of training that makes sense. Instead of being extremely sore from overdoing it at the gym, you may simply feel exhausted and get a better night’s rest. This is the best of both worlds if you wake up refreshed and well-rested in the morning.

HIIT is one reason why it doesn’t make sense to use the traditional calorie counting methods. Also, when you think about it, your body has an easier time converting sugars into fat. After all, every cell in your body runs on glucose (sugar). If you can avoid or strictly reduce your refined sugar intake, your body has to work harder to process that protein, fiber, or fat into sugar if it can’t be used immediately.

The process of eating sugars always leads to additional fat because your body is rarely prepared to use those bursts of glucose from refined sugar all at once. Instead, the sugar is converted and stored as fat cells without burning up a whole lot in the process.

The Fitness Advantages

Aside from burning calories, you still have to work your muscles. Jumping rope is a total-body workout that you can do just about anywhere. It is a cardio exercise that improves blood circulation and heart health.

In fact, if you have borderline hypertension that is even slightly above 120/80, you can quickly bring that bp level down when it spikes by simply jumping rope. This forces your body to dilate your arteries and reduces the static pressure on the walls.

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