Jon Skywalker – The Shredded Comedian

He may be funny but his gains are no joke.

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Who is Jon Skywalker?

Jon Skywalker is a notable comedian and fitness guru who has a particularly inspiring story of growth. What makes his story unique is that he pushed himself to be better, getting into the idea of fitness at the age of 17. After the spark went off in his brain that it was possible to have the body he always wanted to have, Skywalker continued to chase his dream until it became reality.

Now that he has gained over 60 pounds of pure muscle and chiseled his physique into something he is truly proud of, Skywalker just wants to share not only his tips on how to become healthier, but also his lifestyle choices. Though becoming fit has an aesthetic benefit of having a body that you feel comfortable in, this is only a gateway for Skywalker to live his life to the fullest. Through leading a healthier lifestyle overall, he believes that you can allow yourself to appreciate all of the beauty that life has to offer.

Because of his positive outlook on life and fitness, Jon Skywalker has become a great role model over the years for teenagers and other young adults who are interested in the world of fitness. In particular his friendships with other celebrities such as Justin Bieber have helped him spread his message throughout the years, encouraging younger people from all over to begin adopting his philosophies and increase the size of his following.

One of the most notable aspects of Jon Skywalker’s career is the way in which he interacts with his fans. For example, he has a variety of social network accounts where he posts inspirational messages, photos, and videos about his workout routine. His YouTube channel is the best place for him to connect with his fans, uploading a variety of content that ranges from vlogs to workout videos and personal messages to his fans. This type of dedication to his fans is what sets him apart from the rest of the competition and has garnered him over 43,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Age & Birthday

Jon Skywalker is 27 years old and was born October 10th, 1993.


Height: 6’4″
Weight: Between 205 and 215 pounds

Measurements: 5.4 muscle index, 13.8% body fat, 23.6 BMI



Jon Skywalker’s diet involves a lot of nutrition and is based off of a series of ethics he holds. For example, he avoids processed foods and sugars no matter what the food and only drinks water. This allows him to focus solely on the nutrients that he needs to eat, allowing his body to operate at maximum capacity. He will also try to limit his sodium intake, as that can absorb water and dehydrate the body quicker.

Skywalker only drinks water because of the potential effects that other types of drinks (such as soda and alcohol) can have on the body. At the end of the day, he needs his diet to be efficient for helping him maintain his figure and workout routine, so it’s essential that he abides by these principles.

Training & Workout Routine

Jon likes to have a varied regiment that he does on a daily basis to continually inspire himself to become more fit. He frequently incorporates chest workouts, back workouts, shoulder workouts, leg workouts and arm workouts on a daily basis. If you want to see a specific description of his life and how he works out, this YouTube video “A Day in the Lift” is a great look into his lifestyle.

Best Known For

His approach to “aesthetic exercise” a type of exercise that focuses on maintaining a chiseled, healthy figure. He often channels this approach through educational and optimistic videos, allowing him to maintain a body positive message.

Achievements & Awards

Jon is known for his achievements in gaining a lot of followers on social media and inciting a lot of discussion in body building communities.

How Jon Can Inspire Us

Jon Skywalker inspires many people through his incredible dedication to his bodybuilding. What many people miss when they become entrenched in the bodybuilding lifestyle is that it’s ultimately about body positivity and that one must be happy with their life to truly see results. This is why Jon Skywalker is inspiring, as he emphasizes that frequently in his work.

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