How to Inflate an Exercise Ball [Home Gym Tip]

Learn to correctly fill your stability ball with air.

An exercise ball, or a Swiss ball, is an exercise tool to further improve exercise techniques. Adding an exercise ball to your daily workout can further intensify workouts and make your muscles work twice as much. When using an exercise ball, it is important that it is properly inflated. If not inflated properly, injuries and pain may occur. Here are some simple steps for correctly inflating an exercise ball.

Important Information Before Inflating

Make sure that you are aware of the size of your exercise ball before inflating. There are many sizes of exercise balls, and if inflated too much it can rupture. Please make sure to read the package of your exercise ball for size measurements.

You Will Need:

  • exercise ball
  • air pump (machine or hand pump)
  • tape measure

Step 1: Make sure that your exercise ball is not below 20 degrees Celcius upon inflating. Warm to room temperature (or more) two hours before in order to inflate. This will prevent the exercise ball from rupturing and allow for it to be more flexible.

Step 2: Insert the tip of the pump into the hole in the ball. Make sure that the pump is correctly inserted. Your exercise ball might have a small white plug inside. Remove this using a butter knife or another object.

Step 3: Pump the exercise ball 80% of the way. As you are pumping, the exercise ball should be expanding. Once pumped 80% of the way, put the white plug back and allow the ball to sit for a day. If you pump the ball all the way, it will become egg shaped instead of round.

Step 4: After letting it sit for a day, you may now pump it to it’s full size. Once inflated, insert the plug after pumping it and let sit indoors for another day before use.

Step 5: Check the measurements of the diameter of the ball by using the measuring tape according to the measurements of the package.

Additional Tips

  • to check for correct inflation, you may also sit on the exercise ball and bounce a little with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle and your back and hips vertically to the ground
  • any type of air pump can be used to inflate your ball (if there is a pump included in the package that would be the best option)
  • consult a fitness expert for the correct use of an exercise ball

Now you are all set to use your exercise ball to further amplify your workout routine.

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