Hawk Boxing Gloves

Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.

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As an average person who’s trying to be healthy, you don’t want to take all of the time in the world to look for a perfect pair of boxing gloves. You especially don’t want to break the bank for it either. You just want to know you’re protected and getting the best value – so that you can get back into the gym. These guys are your perfect solution.

Offering quality at a very reasonable price of $22, these gloves strike the perfect balance between expensive gloves, whose price is justified more by brand rather than effectiveness, and cheap gloves, whose ability to protect your hands and wrists is seriously called into question.

With its multi-layered v-impact foam, its superior gel padding and thumb protection, you can rest assured that even if you were to punch a WALL, you would still be protected and confident on where your hits are landing. These gloves are meant to make you feel powerful and protected.

As opposed to those cheaper gloves that feel super stiff on your hand, minimizing your ability to throw a calculated punch, and looser gloves that give you flexibility but no security, here you have the best of both worlds. Made of its breathable padded leather material, you can feel secure in your punches without feeling like your hand is in Styrofoam. Add it’s breathable pinhole palms into the equation as well and your hands will be able to breathe and have flexibility, while not detracting from the already snug and secure fit.

With it’s hook and loop wrist strap, you also have more control on how tight you actually want the glove to be. As opposed to elastic and velcro straps which come undone and loose over time, and can be both annoying to remove, the hook and loop offers a very simple sliding solution – so you can use more of your workout time to actually work out.


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