Hattie Boydle: The Australian Gymnist Turned Fitness Model

After a difficult battle with anorexia she is now an advocate for womens health and well-being.

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Introducing Hattie

Hattie Boydle is an incredible Australian fitness model and bodybuilder who won the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion world championship in 2016. She got into fitness at a very young age, starting as a gymnast at only four years old.

She became extremely successful in gymnastics, winning many competitions. Her life’s journey has not been a bed of roses, however. During her school years, she was taunted by bullies and suffered the loss of a good friend. She fought anorexia nervosa and depression and ended up in an inpatient care facility for eating disorders.

Despite going through a tremendous amount of suffering herself, Boydle’s reaction to the hospital stay was not to pity herself. Instead, she became concerned for the well-being of the other eating disorder patients. She resolved to pursue a goal of body acceptance and self-love, both for herself and for others who struggle with body image.

Boydle does not believe in striving for perfection, an impossible feat. Instead, she advocates for making progress while keeping a healthy mindset. She owns and runs a fitness program called the Sports Model Project, which she hopes can get many women to adopt healthy habits while improving their physiques and pursuing individualized fitness goals.

Boydle has been bodybuilding and competing in physique competitions since 2011 when she was around 21 years old.

Age & Birthday

Hattie Boydle is 31 years old and was born January 8, 1990.


Height: 5’2″ / 160 cm
Weight: 123 pounds / 56 kg

Measurements: 36-24-37 inches ( 91-61-94 cm)



Hattie Boydle follows an IIFYM diet. IIFYM stands for “If It Fits Your Macros.” It is a rather flexible diet that allows one to eat anything as long as its nutritional content fits into the dieter’s macro goals.

For example, Boydle says she aims to eat 160 grams of protein, 70 grams of fat and 280 grams of carbohydrates in a day. As long as she hits these numbers each day, it does not matter where they come from. Boydle’s exact macro goals will vary depending on whether she is currently preparing for a competition.

According to Boydle, the fitness community sometimes frowns at this type of diet. However, she believes that it has helped her to avoid slipping back into the mindset that she experienced with anorexia. Due to its flexibility, the IIFYM feels much less restrictive to her than other diets that the fitness community tries to push.

Training & Workout Routine

Boydle enjoys doing circuits and lifting heavy weights. Her training schedule looks something like the following:

  • Monday: Leg and Back Day
  • Tuesday: Legs Again, Chest Day, and Cardio
  • Wednesday: Legs, Back, and Shoulders
  • Thursday: Legs, Chest, and Cardio
  • Friday: Legs, Back, and Shoulders
  • Saturday: Legs, Chest, and Cardio
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Boydle’s routine is pretty grueling; every day is leg day, and she only takes one day off each week. She typically does some kind of squat variation every single day to start off her workout, and she usually supersets her squats with a hamstring exercise. Her chest routine usually involves some heavy bench presses and a few accessories, and her back routine includes good mornings and rows. She does cardio three times a week to keep her heart conditioned. Her cardio consists of either a HIIT workout or sprinting with a sled. She prefers this type of cardio to slower, longer forms because HIIT is more challenging. Boydle has all of this hard work to thank for her incredible physique and strength.

Best Known For

Hattie Boydle is best known for her fitness modeling competitions. In particular, she is known for winning the WBFF Fitness Model World Championship in 2016. She is also well-known and respected for her work raising awareness of anorexia and body image issues in young women.

Achievements & Awards

  • WBFF Fitness Model Champion (2016)
  • Miss Bikini Universe Champion (2013)
  • MuscleMania Model Overall Champion (2013)
  • ANB Sydney Fitness Model – first place (2013)
  • INBA Australia Sports Model Champion (2011)
  • INBA Universe Sports Model – second place (2011)

How Hattie Can Inspire Us

Hattie Boydle defeated a deadly eating disorder and became a champion of health and strength. She is a competitive athlete who regularly squats over twice her body weight for reps. Not only is her athleticism impressive, but she is a spokesperson for women everywhere who struggle with self-image. She works hard to promote mental and physical health for these women.

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