GRIPAD Wrist Wraps

These wraps are one size fits most and constructed of high-quality stretchable material for ease of use and removal.

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Gripad Wrist Wraps support the wrists when powerlifting, squatting, deadlifting or benching. Any overhead lifting can be improved with wrist wraps. This extra support will allow you to get the most benefit from each rep and protect your wrists from soreness or injury. Tired or sore wrists can make you stop lifting before tiring your muscles. The wraps will also improve your grasp which can allow you to perform more reps or go up in weight.

The 12” x 3” Gripad Wrist Wraps have two thumb loops in order to fit many different size hands. The velcro closure is on the underside of the bands so that it does not catch on clothing or towels. You can loosen the velcro for removal with an easy tug on the rubber puller instead of digging your fingers into the fastening. The wrist wraps are clearly marked for the left and right hand.

You want to be able to quickly use and then remove wrist bands while in the gym. The bands should be removed or at least loosened between sets or when the exercise does not call for wrist support. Gripad Wrist Wraps are specifically designed to meet this usage profile.

Gripad Wrist Wraps come in a wide array of colors for both men and women. In addition to pink, red, yellow, blue and black, Gripad offers camo colors and an American flag pattern. And at just around $20 a pair, you can afford to buy a variety to match your gym outfits.


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