Geila Grip Handheld Bottle Hydration Pack

Convenient bite valve for quick hydration on tough distance runs.

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The Geila Grip Handheld Bottle Hydration Pack and Flask employs the latest water bottle materials and technology to deliver convenient hydration on short to medium length runs. When you don’t want to wear a hydration belt or backpack, a handheld bottle is a great alternative. This bottle delivers the 12 -18 ounces of water most runners will need for a one hour run.

The 500 ML (19 Ounce) Gelia Flask is BPA free, collapsible and features a bite valve. Collapsible bottles are much easier to carry than hard bottles. They are not bulky like hard bottles and there is no annoying sound of sloshing water. The Gelia Flask is also easily packed in a suitcase for traveling runners.

With little to no air in the Gelia Flask, water flows immediately when you bite down on the valve. And while a bite valve may take some getting used to, you will not have the annoying leaking and spills that can occur with a pull valve. The Gelia Flask is dishwasher safe.

The holder for the flask is made of durable neoprene and features an adjustable strap and zippered storage pocket. The black neoprene is soft, lightweight and quick drying. This is important with the inevitable spills and sweat of hydration on the run. The adjustable strap has a thumb hole so that the pack can hang on the hand without requiring a continuous grip. The pack comes in black, orange or blue with a safety stripe of neon green.

The storage pocket will accommodate keys, gels, an ID card, and even a smartphone up to 4.7 inches long. The pocket closes with the extra security of a zipper versus velcro and can be easily reached mid-stride.

Available most places for less than $20, this Gelia pack and flask combo is a lower cost option in handheld hydration with plenty of comfort and usability.


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