Gatorade Prime Energy Chews

Try training with these quick acting carbs and electrolytes that will keep your fuel tank full.

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Energy chews provide concentrated doses of fast-acting carbohydrates combined with vitamins and electrolytes in a portable, easy to use package. Unless athletic training is your primary job, fueling your body for practice or training can often conflict with proper nutrition. Balancing the body’s need for fuel with the ability to eat before/during/after a workout can be quite challenging, particularly if you have a sensitive stomach.

Developed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Gatorade Prime Energy Chews are designed to provide energy to your muscles in the form of carbohydrates. Added B vitamins help break down the carbohydrates into a form that is quickly and readily available to use. Each package of six chews can be eaten all at one time prior to training or periodically during a workout for increased endurance.

If you’re a fan of Gatorade electrolyte drinks, you’ll enjoy the taste of these energy chews. Available in four classic Gatorade flavors – Fruit Punch, Cool Blue, Strawberry, and Green Apple, the Prime Energy Chews taste just like Gatorade drinks in gummy candy form. Proportioned, portable, and easy to use on the go, the Gatorade chews are a particular favorite of runners but can be extremely useful for a wide variety of sports.

One important thing to remember with energy chews is that it’s critical to drink water when using them. Hydration is essential for digestion, and while the chews can be excellent for portability and ease of use, they are highly concentrated and are designed to be washed down with 8oz of water. The water is necessary to dilute the gummy when it enters the stomach. Otherwise, the stomach naturally takes fluids from the body to aid in digestion, which can cause dehydration.

Gatorade Prime Energy Chews are an excellent way to enhance endurance or fuel an early morning workout where a nutritious breakfast is impossible without waking up at an utterly ridiculous hour. They are not a meal replacement or substitute for long term proper nutrition. Used correctly, however, they can be an effective aid to performance when combined with adequate hydration and overall healthy eating.


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