Garage Fit Plyo Box

Tackle jump training with confidence with Garage fit. Available in non-slip, wood, or foam surfaces.

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The difference between winners and losers can be just a leap. Increase vertical leaps with a well-made plyo box that won’t move or slide when you use it. In fact, the equipment is nearly indestructible and offers users of all fitness levels an opportunity to enjoy it.

The Garage Fit Plyo Box lets you tackle box jumps with less fear and more confidence. The uniquely rounded, exterior corners reduce the risk of injury especially bloody shins, scraps, and cuts. Not only that but you don’t have to worry about splinters either. The wood box is sanded and painted to prevent wood from chipping or getting underneath your skin. Corners on the interior of the box aren’t rounded, but that’s intentional. If all the boxes corners were rounded, it would add cost without adding value.

Choose from three sizes and three surface types (foam, sanded wood, or non-slip) to complete a variety of exercises such as lateral box jumps, traditional box jumps, box squats, kneeling box jumps, step ups with knee thrusts, and depth jumps. Each of the boxes offers three different heights, so you don’t have to buy new equipment when your ability increases. The ability to have more than one height to choose from also challenges users to improve their jumps and leaps.

The sturdy box is put together like a puzzle, which offers more bracing and support. A middle brace on the interior of the box increases durability even more. Whether you assemble the box with glue or sans glue for easy disassembly, the equipment will provide a solid, sturdy platform that supports weight limits up to 350lbs. All the holes and finishing screws are shipped with the product, so it can be put together super fast.

Whether using it at home or the gym, the jump box is easy to use and durable. For easy carrying, the Garage Fit box has cut-out handles for easy transport.


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