fitter’s niche Hydration Fanny Pack

This bounce reducing adjustable pack is ideal for hiking and running alike.

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The fitter’s niche hydration fanny pack is a fitness lover’s dream. Made of lycra for elasticity and nylon for a smooth comfortable feel, the hydration fanny pack gives anyone the freedom of adjustment and comfort at the same time.

The adjustable band fits any waist size up to 50 inches. Make it tighter just to suite your size and eliminate the weighed down feeling and bouncing while running. It is also reflective so go ahead and go on that late night or early morning run! Water bottles up to 32 ounces can easily fit into the cup holder and are secured by the elastic adjustable band at top. Are you a bodybuilder? Switch out the water bottle for a protein shaker. Attach keys to the included clip and ease the anxiety of losing them while working out. But the phone what about the phone? The best part is always last. There is a separate compartment specifically designed to hold any phone type up to 6 inches. This includes the new iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy series. The zipper locks the phone and other stored items in place and don’t worry it is water proof! So go ahead bring the headphones, pre-workout sticks, pre-scooped protein, and gum.

Also place credit and debit cards in the compartment to relieve the stress of one falling out on a neighborhood walk or run. Place them all in the zipper section and you’re ready to go. No they won’t dissolve, get wet, or sour; remember the fanny pack is waterproof! This pack is available in three different colors (yellow, pink, and blue). A fanny pack that can hydrate, keep all belongings in one central location, and that does not weigh you down is a steal.


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