Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

The Omni is the king of heavy bags – and at 80 pounds of tough you may find yourself bowing down.

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Truly ‘Omni’ by definition, this clever 360 bag is daringly designed to offer the best of all worlds by meeting the needs of athletes training in boxing, Muay Thai and the often neglected MMA.

This heavy bag has two adjacent handy handles for simulating proper form during knee strikes, a tailored C3 engineered foam bottom for low kicks… and go ahead-lay it down for a ground and pound. You’re welcome.

This king is quality. Tougher than you and premium built. The Omni synthetic leather heavy bag is constructed of the highest grade heavy duty material. With a form to rival yours, the Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag is the ultimate bag for athletes serious about home training but who don’t want to compromise high standards.

Obviously, you cherish your carefully chosen sacred-sweat-space. So, out of respect, this hanging bag can be easily installed without causing damage to your home. Simply use the two hooks on each of the two straps and hang. Unlike standing bags from other brands, you will not find yourself on the other side of the room and you will not scuff your floor. You’re welcome again.

Your metaphorical and literal punching bag, the Omni supports your training in ways you didn’t know it could such as outlasting its’ opponents so you can outlast yours and being the perfect circumference for a post-training sportsmanship-like hug.

Like a true training partner, the Omni refuses to support bad habits. Unlike a true training partner, this bag will not be defeated.

The Omni more than fulfills its duty. It gives you what you need so you can give your best, leaving no room for excuses.


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