EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt

Secure storage without the bulk.

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The EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt is the ideal running partner, storing important personal items without the distracting bulk. A comfortable and functional belt worn around the waist, it provides just enough room for your phone, a buckle for your keys, and additional space for items such as a wallet or ID. But this belt isn’t restricted to running. Regardless of your favorite fitness activity, the EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt provides a secure and out-of-the way storage to keep you on the move.

The last worry you want on a run is wondering if any of the contents stored in your belt will jostle their way out. Leave that worry in the dust because the EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt includes space for a smart phone (even the larger versions!) and two zippered pockets. The buckle allows you to securely attach your keys and tuck them within the pocket — no annoying bumping of the keys — um, yes please. Along with the secure storage perfect for fitness activities, this belt is also a great choice for traveling, with room for a passport and other necessary items.

Available in black, grey, and rose red, the EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt blends with all of your favorite workout gear. A generous width of six inches, it is constructed with spandex and lycra, making for a belt as stylish as it is functional. The fabric blend is both soft to the touch and stretchable. More stretch means less feeling of constriction — a must have for easy breathing and movement while you are running, biking, hiking or whatever activity is on your must-do list.

If all of the qualities of the EAZYMATE Fashion Running Belt sound great, but you want one large, rather than two small zipper compartments, you’re in luck. A black, one large zip compartment belt is available, giving you an additional option to fit your on-the-go storage needs.


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