Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

This IC entry is solid, heavy, chock full of features but somewhat expensive for the casual cycler.

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The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle is a deluxe indoor electronic riding bicycle that gives challenging workouts to amateur and professional cyclers alike. The bright blue LCD display is easy to read and displays multiple types of useful information, and the preset workout programs add variety and difficulty to any workout. The many features of the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle make it a desirable exercise bike for exercise enthusiasts, although there are a couple of drawbacks to the bike that will have to be considered before a final purchase is made.

Best Features

  • 16 resistance levels provide varying levels of challenge for exercisers.
  • 14 different presets provide a variety of exercise programs for users.
  • The LCD screen is bright, easy to read, and displays useful information.
  • The seat and handlebars are adjustable, accommodating multiple body types.
  • Contact heart rate monitors are built into the handlebars and give accurate readings.


One area in which the Diamondback 510Ic really shines is in terms of the variety of exercise programs and settings from which users can choose. This bicycle features 16 resistance levels, challenging exercisers at different levels of biking difficulty. These resistance levels are controlled by the computer, so the user does not have to worry about making inconvenient resistance changes manually. There are also 14 exercise programs that are preprogrammed into the LCD monitor that can simulate a variety of conditions and exercise types. Courses simulating hills, courses designed for burning fat, interval workouts, and routines designed to boost one’s heart rate are all available on these preset cycling programs.

The LCD monitor available on the 510Ic Indoor Cycle is one of the better screens we’ve seen on the market for this type of cycle. The blue screen is brightly lit, easy to read, and logically laid out. Workout statistics that are listed on this LCD monitor include speed, distance covered, time elapsed, calories burned, heart rate, and pedal rotations per minute. This screen is even detailed enough for the user to be able to follow along on a digital course when using one of the present exercise programs. The heart monitor’s results also display on this screen; some exercise equipment has faulty heart monitors, but the ones in this bicycle are accurate. The monitor also has the green, eco-friendly option of powering this monitor by the energy generated by pedaling rather than by electricity, although users can still opt to use conventional electricity for powering the monitor.

This bike is well-built and solid, weighing in at a fairly hefty 127 pounds. The IC comes with wheels that can be utilized if the unit is tipped in the right direction, but anyone assembling this for the first time might want to have help on hand for assembly and moving. The machine is generally described as being solid, smooth, and quiet, the seat and handlebars are durable and can be adjusted.


This spin cycle is not perfect, however; it has multiple flaws that people will have to evaluate before buying one. For example, the solid composition means that is often too heavy for exercisers to move on their own in spite of the wheels provided. At the mid-range of indoor cycles, this bike is also more expensive than introductory models, enough that casual indoor biking enthusiasts might not be able to afford it. Some have complained that the 16 available resistance levels are not high enough to generate enough resistance for a professional model. Since the resistance is controlled by the computer, if the unit gets damaged, then the resistance levels are useless. Others have complained that the location of the pedals put them too close to the spinner for comfort. The handlebars are hard to adjust and some may find the seat too hard.

The Bottom Line

The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle is solid yet heavy, chock full of features but somewhat expensive, varied in routine but not hardcore enough for all bikers. A buyer will have to weigh the pros and the cons and come up with his or her own decision. There are not many such bikes on the market with so many features available, so those who value computer-controlled settings and preset exercise programs will likely like this bike. Those who value heart rate monitoring will appreciate the accurate heart monitors, and the solidness of this bike guarantees its longevity (and if the bike breaks, multiple parts of it are covered by solid warranties).

Hardcore bikers may want to spend an extra hundred or so dollars on the Diamondback Fitness 910Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer, which boasts 32 levels of resistance, 18 pre-programmed workout scenarios, and 325 pounds of weight capacity. Those who want harder workouts or who weigh more than 300 pounds may want to spend a little extra on more useful features.


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