DEFY Heavy Duty Sweat Suit

A tear resistant sauna suit that can dramatically increase perspiration and weight loss.

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The DEFY Heavy Duty Sweat Suit is not only for sports athletes or exercise in a gym as this high-quality exercise suit can be worn in the house or out in the yard when you do your chores or work in the garden. That way you get more of the healthy cleansing process of sweating out waste and toxins because the sweat output is increased up to 80%.

The suit also keeps your muscles warm and relieves some of your minor aches and pains, and you can triple your weight loss because your body’s natural heat and perspiration melt away the unwanted pounds and water weight by moving around and stimulating the body.

This sauna suit provides maximum performance and durability and has been designed specifically according to American Standards, meaning that it is USA sizing so that you can order your regular size with confidence that it should fit. It can be worn with or without tights or other clothing.

There are elastic gatherings at the cuffs, openings that create an enhanced sauna effect, a hood, the top and the pants each have two pockets, an embroidered logo on the trouser and shirt, and other helpful features that make it comfortable as well as stylish.

The PVC and nylon coated fabric is tear resistant, and that fabric and the rubberized inner lining result in a warning not to wash the suit in warm water but, instead, hand washing it, hanging it up to dry, but keeping it from sunlight. Some buyers will turn it inside out and air dry it after every use.

Another warning is not to put any electronic devices in the pocket although some customers have kept their cellphones and keys in the hoodie part because it has velcro closures and nothing falls out.


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