Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine

The Model E is a commercial grade rower that delivers the, “gold standard pinnacle” of rowing workouts.

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The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine works on improving on what its predecessor lacks. This is a very high quality machine, and will give you a full body workout. Anyone, from beginners to professionals, are able to get something out of the piece of equipment. The flywheel has been optimized to provide an even greater rowing experience on each stroke, and the noise heard from the fan has been significantly reduced. As an added benefit, the foldability of this rower makes it very portable.

The performance monitor on the model E is the same as the model D, so it still provides many great features. Concept2 has done it again by creating another great rower to be used by rowing enthusiasts pro or amateur.

Right out of the package, you will have to assemble the rower, which will not take the user too long, as the instructions are fairly simple to follow. The machine is also usually shipped in two boxes, especially if bought from a reputable store. To be able to use the machine in your home, you will want to make sure you have at least 9 ft by 4 ft of space around the machine. This is to ensure your safety and give you enough clearance to get on and off the rower.

The Concept2 Model E comes with the PM5 performance monitor. The manufacturers put the monitor on a longer arm, so it will be easier for the user to have access to it without over-stretching. The monitor display features many useful workout tidbits. The screen turns on once you pull on the handle, and turns off after a few minutes of inactivity. The monitor is programmed with workouts, games, and can be set to other languages for readability. The user can check their stats, such as distance traveled, speed, pace, stroke count, calories burned, and watts.

Other neat performance features are the ability to view your force curve (how hard you pull on the handle), a pace boat to race again, and a bar chart of your stats. The monitor stores all of your data, and can be later transferred to a computer through a USB key, which is included with the rower. A chest strap is also provided, so if you want to check your heart rate during your session, it is possible to do so. With the model E, the rower is even able to sync up with another machine, so you can “race” against another user.

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine is specially designed to handle frequent and heavy use. There is an extra coat of paint on the machine, so it can look new for even longer, and the monitor arm is made out of metal instead of plastic. The seat is positioned a bit higher than the model E version, so individuals who have limited mobility will still have a chance to use this amazing rower. The machine is also made in the USA, so when you buy this product, know that you are supporting an American made product.

Like the other Concept2 rowers, the model E uses air resistance. With air resistance, the intensity of one’s workout increases proportionally to the amount of force they apply. If the resistance is too much, there is a damper on the side of the flywheel that can be adjusted. The damper changes the airflow, which in effect changes the feeling of the stroke. This makes the model E very accessible for many trainees of all fitness levels.

The model E comes with adjustable footrests to fit most shoe sizes. If you are an extremely tall individual, there are rail extension available. The rower can extend to users that have a 38″ inseam. The model E is equipped with transport wheels, allowing it to be moved when necessary. The max user weight is also particularly high with this model, being able to hold up users up to 500 lb. The Concept2 is also very easy to fold into two sections, so it can be stored for later use.

Concept2 is known for providing good warranties. The model E frame is covered by a 5 year warranty and the parts and computer are covered by a 2 year warranty.

The model E is a very large rower, measuring about 96″ long and 24″ wide. You will want to make sure you have enough space in your room before purchasing, but good think it can be folded, so its footprint won’t be as noticeable. The noise is reduced, but the user can still hear the flywheel spinning, however, that is expected.

The model E is worth a bit more than its previous model, but that is because it is made to last longer. If you are on the tall side, the model E would definitely be a good choice for you. The Concept2 is used in many gyms, and you probably have used one and liked how it felt. Now you too can have this amazing machine in your own home to use. When you use a rowing machine, your whole body is going to get an extensive workout. It is also low-impact on your body, something your joints will thank you for.

The housing chain that is connected to the handle is now enclosed in the model E. In the model D version, users would have to oil the chain to make sure the rowing was still smooth as possible. The model E also comes in the only 2 colors, white and black, but has a high gloss finish instead of a matte finish.

The Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine is a very stable rower, emphasized by its max user weight. Other rowers usually are not able to accommodate larger sizes, and can become uncomfortable for most. The Concept2 model E is made superior to other brands and is trusted across the board.

At over $1000, the Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine is a huge cost for a home machine, but the features and luxury of having a commercial grade equipment in your home can’t be beat.


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