Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

The smooth rowing action will take your fitness to the next level and last for years to come.

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Whether you are a professional rower or a daily gym-goer, you have probably seen rowing machines in use. After trying one, you noticed that you actually got a great cardio workout out of it, and would be interested in getting one for your at home use. Introduce the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine – which is known as being the most popular and well engineered rowers around. A reliable and sturdy machine, it will last you for years of abuse.

The Concept2 is an air resistance rower. Rowing machines that use air resistance mimic the resistance rowers feel when they are in a boat on the water. Air resistance rowers are a great substitute and will provide a smooth rowing experience. The Concept2 will be able to keep up with the force you apply on it, increasing the resistance. No matter how hard you pull, the machine will be able to provide the proper amount of resistance for you to feel the burn.

The Concept2 is constructed very well, so it will be able to handle the most intense individuals. These models of rowers are used commercially in gyms, university athletic facilities, and professional athletes. Concept2 is a trusted brand because they have proven time and time again that it produces results, which is really something.

With the setup of the machine, you will be comfortable sitting down on the cushioned seat for even your longer sessions. Many rowing machine users that buy their own budget rower that is not a Concept2 are usually left disappointed, as the quality and pull of the machines don’t match up to the Concept2.

With the Model D version of the Concept2, the standard console is a PM5 monitor. This means that after you start pulling, the monitor automatically turns on. The monitor shuts off after a few minutes of inactivity. With the monitor, you are able to input workout data, and this data can even be transferred over to a USB key to be stored on a computer. Further analysis can be done on the data through Concept2’s performance software.

The LCD screen displays your usual workout information, such as calories burned, stroke count, distance traveled, time, speed, etc. A fun option with the model is you can set up the screen to have you race against the CPU boat. This helps users set a pace for themselves and get in a competitive mode. The CPU race boat is the data from your previous session, so it will be your own self that you will have to beat. Or, if you transfer your data online, you can race with other Concept2 users, giving you more reasons to train.

Why look into the Concept2 Model D rowing machine? Firstly, it provides the best rowing features a machine could offer. The smooth rowing action mimics what rowers feel once they get out onto the water. The seat is also very comfortable and will not leave your bottom sore after a long period of time, which deters people from wanting to use certain exercise machines. The price is very reasonable as well for the quality this rowing machine is. The rowing machine is durable and provides users a full cardio workout. You can never have too much cardio in your life, as it promotes a healthy heart. The only things that might deter you is the fact that since this rowing machine does use air resistance, there is a fan inside, and this can get quite loud when you pick up the pace. Otherwise, there is not much to hate on this model.

Concerning the dimensions of the Concept2, it is not very large, so it can conveniently fit in smaller rooms. It also has a max user weight of 500 lb. If you decide to move the rowing machine or want to store it away, they are wheels to make it easier and the machine can be folded up to a leave a smaller footprint. The rowing machine also comes in two colors – white and black. It is very easy to assemble, only taking the user about half an hour to put the pieces together once it is out of the box.

There are also additional accessories that are sold separately for the Concept2, but some of these might be able to maximize your rowing fitness. There are Concept2 slides that create an on-water simulation. The slides are attached by bungee cords and are then suspended, which create a sensation of being on the water. If you have multiple rowers, for example, using with a team, you can connect the slides to multiple Concept2 rowing machines.

The handle is what the user will be holding on as they pull in the rowing fashion. The handle is ergonomic, angled at a 10 degree bend. This helps put the user into the natural rowing position.

The performance monitor also is able to keep track of the user’s heart rate. It uses two methods, ATN and Bluetooth to collect this data. The chest strap will need to be bought separately, but if this is important data that you will like to know, then it would be good to buy this with the machine as well.

The footrests are very large and can be adjusted to one’s foot size accordingly. There will need to be some maintenance done on this machine after a while to make sure the seat is able to slide smoothly down the rail. The rail and/or chain will need occasional oiling in order to guarantee a smooth ride for the user.

The Concept2 rowing machine also comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame and a 2 years warranty on the parts. The monitor arm is made out of plastic, so sometimes, that can become weak over time, especially if the machine is moved around a lot. The ability to get another machine or change a few parts that have gone bad is a good treat.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is a great choice if you want a great at home rowing workout. It is a top selling rower in the world, and for very good reason. The Concept2 has many admirable features, is very durable, and has a useful monitor with computer capabilities. It is able to successfully mimic the feeling of being on water, and thus is a great training tool for many athletes.

A rowing machine is able to target many major muscle groups and can provide a very intense workout session, even for beginners. Resistance is controlled by the user, and the seat and rail system allow the user to pull with ease. Choosing the Concept2 Model D rowing machine will undoubtedly kickstart your cardio.


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