Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

A jogger that focuses on comfort, simplicity, and well engineered features to keep up with your active life.

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The Chicco Activ3 jogging stroller is one of the most compact and easy to use joggers on the market. If you’ve spent time looking for jogging stroller, the first thing you will notice is the extreme number of choices available. Prices range from the low $100s to sometimes $1000 or more, and there are features that you never even knew you might possibly need. The Chicco Activ3 is rugged, compact, smooth, and it will last forever and all of this at a great price.

The first thing you will notice when you see the Activ3 in the store is that it is not as bulky as many of its counterparts. In fact, this stroller can easily transition from a long run to a shopping run with very little effort. It can fit through any doorway and is as perfect for a crowded department store as it is for the local track.

The second thing you will notice in the store is that the Chicco Activ3 looks and performs like a much more expensive machine. It comes in many attractive colors and it just looks like a high quality product. When you pull it off the shelf for the first test drive, you notice the responsiveness and how light it is compared to other models. This makes it much easier to take it on longer runs/walks because it takes very little effort to push it. The lighter weight is especially good when you and your child are out together and you need to store it with just one hand.

It can be a little tricky to figure out how to fold it up for stowing, but once you do it once or twice it becomes second nature. When you do fold it up, it is very compact and can fit in any trunk with room to spare. A three wheel base makes it a little more difficult to fold up tightly, but every jogging stroller struggles with that. The Activ3 folds down into itself making it as small when folded as some of the infant strollers and umbrella strollers that are on the market.

The most impressive quality about this machine, however, cannot be seen in the store. The functionality of this stroller, no matter the terrain, is incredible. No matter if you are walking down a dirt road, running over smooth pavement, or you decide to go off roading down a trail or for a hike, this stroller performs. You can use it everyday in even the most extreme circumstances and it never loses its initial quality.

The tires and the suspension on the Activ3 are a step up from every other stroller in its category. All three wheels are the same size and are made of extremely tough rubber that handles like an off-road truck. If they lose air, the valve stems are easy to find and easy to fill with even a common bicycle pump. When circumstances take you and your child off road, the spring loaded suspension is awesome. My baby used to take naps in the stroller walking down an uneven rocky path, and even in those extreme conditions, the Activ3 performs well.

Aside from the smooth ride for your child, there are other comfort features that set the Activ3 apart. The mesh backrest keeps your child cool, the adjustable canopy can cover the entire seat, and it even accepts a carseat if your child is still young. All of these features combine to give your child a wonderful ride and to keep the elements out.

Aside from the fact that this stroller is great for your child, this stroller is great for you as well. There is an adjustable handle that allows a tall spouse to share the strolling pushing duties with their much shorter counterpart with very little effort. The brake and swivel feature of this stroller is hand activated so there is no need to stop what you are doing to fix those issues, it is just a simple push of a button.

If you are looking for comfort, ease, great features, and a stroller that you can get in and out of your car easily…Look no further than the Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller.


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