Bowflex M5 Max Trainer

Combining the calorie burning intensity of a stair-stepper with the rush of working on an elliptical.

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The Bowflex M5 Max Trainer is a technological-savvy elliptical. It is structured beautifully, a piece of physical art. It is a tall piece of equipment, so it is very apartment friendly as it does not take up a lot of space. It is equipped with dual heart-rate monitors and is able to sync up with your smartphone.

The treadmill is the traditional choice for many users when they are looking for an equipment that allows them to get a great workout at home. However, running on the treadmill can still be bad for your joints. This is where stair-steppers and ellipticals came into being, so individual’s knees will not be worn out in the process. The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an attractive piece of workout equipment that is able to give you a solid workout. It’s ability to sync to your smartphone allows you to keep track of your progress with health and fitness apps.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is a beast, with its pristine arms and pistons that are complemented with red trimming with a large fan at its base. The fan can get quite loud as you pup harder on the elliptical, but is a reassurance to the user that they are putting in the work.

The elliptical comes with an instruction manual, but it will still take some time to build, about an hour at least, according to some users. It can be placed anywhere in the home based on its size, however, the manufacturers equipped this machine with a short power cord. Its home will probably be near a wall.

The machine is large, so it is recommended that you get on and off the machine when it is fully stopped. The foot pedals can get fairly high off the ground, at least 15 inches. The pedals are fairly large, and it will take some power to get the motors running, as the motors are used to create resistance.

The Bowflex has a central control panel that allows you to change the settings. The digital display that shows you how fast you are going sits behind the control panel. The machine has a cup holder, so your water hydration is never too far. If you like using a tablet while you exercise, there is a resting mount incorporated into the design for you to do so.

The Bowflex comes with a 14 minute workout, that will allow the user to burn more calories than on other ellipticals and stair-steppers. This elliptical allows you to get a great workout in a short period of time. It can be useful for people who lead busy lives but still want to have an active lifestyle to keep their body in shape.

There is a Bowflex Max Trainer app as well that the machine is able to sync to through your smartphone. Through the app, you are given a summary of your progress and accomplishments. It also gives you a breakdown of the various workouts and gives you the average on data such as the calories you burned and heart rate. The given 14 minute workout is like a high intensity interval training regimen. You are expected to pedal hard for a least 30 seconds, then slow down for another 90 seconds. You repeat this process until the time is up. It will be over before you know it. There’s even a fun game of catch up you can do by yourself, keeping your speed up with the analog needle.

The workout starts at top speed, so it may be to your best interest to warm up beforehand to decrease the chance of pulling a muscle or any other type of injury. Yet, the warmup will not be calculated by the machine calorie-wise. If this is not an issue, go ahead and press the MAX button that begins the 14 minute workout.

The Bowflex Max has many other workout options as well, and of course, gives you the option of manual mode. There are 16 resistance levels, the higher the resistance, the harder your workout. There is a level from the casual fitness goer to the intense fitness gurus alike.

This elliptical is a bit more affordable than others in its line, making it a more likely option for users to buy. The machine is even able to track up to 2 user profiles, so you and a friend can work on your fitness journey together. Monitor you heart rate with the contact grips on both handles, or even use the chest strap for a more accurate reading.

To note, there is a max weight on this machine, at 300 lbs. Anyone under this restriction however will be able to burn a ton of calories in less than half an hour. To get you started, there is also an 8 week subscription to Daily Burn, giving you access to more than 600 workouts. There is a warranty that lasts only 2 years.

The main focus of this elliptical is that it is meant to be low-impact. According to an independent study, the Bowflex is able to burn up to 2.5 times the calories of a traditional elliptical per minute, and at least 1.56 times the calories of a traditional treadmill. This is done through the resistance levels, the upward slope/incline, and the use of the upper body though moving the handles as part of the workout.

The Max Trainer enables HIIT methods, like what athletes incorporates into their regimen, to help people burn more calories so they can lose weight. There are many machines on the market, some guaranteeing that their product is better than the last. Here is a tip for buyers, look at what you want in a machine. If you need a machine that will burn a lot of calories in a short period of time, consider looking at the Bowflex Max Trainer M5. This superior elliptical will give you a great low-impact workout that increase your stamina and boost your metabolism.


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