BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller

A practical dual stroller that will get you up and moving with your little ones.

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BOB strollers are legendary for combining the ultimate in practicality with superior quality and luxurious style. In the exercise world, you won’t find a more talked about or recommended brand to get parents moving. With two kids, you may find yourself needing extra incentive to get out and explore, and the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller will have you excited to get moving.

Stroller Strides is the top-rated fitness class by Fit4Mom explicitly designed for exercising with children. The Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie is endorsed by Fit4Mom and recommended by Stroller Strides users and instructors around the country. This model comes with a coupon for a free week of Stroller Strides classes, and a Stroller Strides fitness kit made by BOB that includes a handlebar console, exercise manual, and fitness resistance bands.

Pushing two kids is hard. Who wants their stroller to make it harder? Lightweight, with premium shocks, stability, and the option to let the front wheel swivel or lock in place, the Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie is easy to push and maneuver whether walking or running. The adjustable suspension system on this stroller offers 3 inches of travel and two stages of weight support providing the ultimate smooth ride. Air-filled tires on high-impact polymer wheels contribute to its remarkable ease of use.

Many people running with strollers complain about the sore hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders that come from the death grip used to keep their stroller under control. Not so with the Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie. Despite the added weight of two children, this stroller is so simple to maneuver that you can run or walk while guiding the stroller one-handed, freely swinging the other arm for a natural stride.

The Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie is not one size fits all. Men and taller (or shorter) women will appreciate that it has a whopping NINE adjustable height positions on the padded handlebar creating the perfect fit for users of varying heights. The stroller is equally flexible for its occupants. Compatibility with infant travel seats provides safe walking conditions for babies as soon as eight weeks of age while running or using the stroller off-road can start as early as eight months. Each side of the dual occupant stroller has a maximum capacity of 50lbs, which means this stroller will last for many years and stages.

One of the most challenging issues pertaining to exercising with kids is keeping them occupied. This version of the BOB Jogging Stroller solves the problem admirably. Use it with the popular Stroller Strides classes which are designed to be fun and engaging for both kids and adults, or take it out on your own adventures with ease. Each seat reclines separately with the squeeze of a button and features its own sun/weather canopy for comfortable napping. Pockets, cupholders, and an extra large storage basket hold everything you need for snacks and entertainment.

A well-made premium stroller makes safety a high priority. The Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie incorporates a safety wrist strap, a foot-activated parking brake, and five-point safety harnesses for both occupants. The double stroller is designed to maintain its balance even with different weights in the two seats enabling this stroller to be used safely with either one or two children.

Renowned quality and performance make BOB Jogging Strollers the gold standard for parents. The investment will provide you with returns for many years, and many parents say that their biggest regret with this stroller is not purchasing it sooner.


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