Bladez Fitness Echelon GS

This sturdily built workhorse provides the same results as health club spinning bikes without any problem.

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The Bladez Fitness Echelon GS is an exercise bike to ride inside and is also known as a “spinning bike” (Not to be confused with the trademark official Spin bike from Mad Dogg Athletics). This type of bike is more like the real thing, more so than upright stationary bikes and therefore offers a comparable workout. The goal of this design of indoor bike is to give the user a fantastic workout, providing full body movement. This bike is smaller than recumbent bikes and smaller than the standard indoor cycling bike. If you are tight for space, the Bladez GS is perfect.

With an extra-large steel frame with a huge 40lb flywheel, the Echelon GS provides a superb workout. What’s more, a silent, smooth belt drive system offers a quiet workout without disturbing your neighbors along with full fore/aft and up/down modifications of both the seat and handlebars, the Bladez Echelon can be customized to create the idea fit no matter your size. The well-lit LCD console supplies encouraging comments while the variable grip racing designed handlebars guarantee a satisfying workout.

Best Features Include:

Heavyweight Flywheel: provides a natural feel and continuous thrust.

Belt Drive System: Guarantees a noise free workout.

Racing Ergonomics: Large sized racing designed handlebars.

Aluminum Pedals/Toe Baskets: A dependable platform is provided for the best workout effectiveness of the push and pull shifts.

Anatomically Structured Saddle: Sport saddle is ergonomically structured for supreme comfort through extended workouts.

Requires Little Storage: Movable wheels permits easy storage between workouts.

What’s so great about the Bladez Echelon GS?

First of all, the Bladez Fitness Echelon GS indoor workout bike is a great machine designed for comfort and results. With a large 40-pound flywheel and robust steel frame, the Bladez GS indoor cycle will not disappoint! Its belt drive configuration is nearly mute, and both the race styled handlebars and seat is adjustable in two axes. The ergonomically designed seat is extremely comfortable and a great incentive when in the throes of long workouts. With a water bottle holder conveniently installed, those long workouts have less chance of causing dehydration. It’s a win-win situation!

This revolutionary indoor exercise bike is built for fast-paced cardio workouts. Due to the weight of the flywheel workout performances run smoothly and quietly. Moreover, the opportunity to workout anytime of day or night is great for those who like to workout during odd hours. In addition, the Echelon GS is designed for fast-paced cardio workouts, it’s easy to start and stop at anytime.

With an easy to read display, the Bladez Echelon GS is a superb machine that can take a beating during extensive workouts. Modification of resistance through easy thumb controls with cycling computer mechanics, makes it a breeze to view your workout performance and its benefits. To add to the Echelon GS’s superb design, the large frame offers stability and transport wheels are perfect for mobility and finding easy storage. Without a doubt, exercise lovers will find this machine a great asset to their workout equipment collection.

Are there any Drawbacks to the Bladez Fitness Echelon GS?

One of the bigger complaints concerns the seat design on the Bladez Echelon GS. Complaints range from the seat feeling “heinously uncomfortable” to “the seat nearly ruining the bike in general.” Another complaint is that the handlebars are a bit too far from the seat making them difficult to adjust. Short people seem to have a problem exercising on the bike as they have to strain and stretch with each pedal. The computer is deemed ineffectual as well. An egg timer could do the job just as effectively.

The Verdict

If a maximum strength sturdy indoor cycling bike is your idea of a great workout, the Bladez Fitness Echelon GS is what you are looking for. This is no claim that it’s perfect, but it far exceeds competitors in its category and rates high on the list of many who have purchased it. This sturdily built workhorse provides the same results as health club spinning bikes without any problem. It’s easy to assemble and the belt drive is super quiet. The bike feels solid and does what it’s supposed to do, generate lots of sweat in a short amount of time. A conveniently placed bottle holder for water balances out a long sweaty workout with the possibility to satisfy your thirst.

Resistance adjustments are easy for most users. The Echelon GS makes it easy to adjust riding comfort with the flip of your thumb. There are at least 10 settings, which creates a great challenge for most exercisers. Probably the quietness of the machine is a huge selling point as well. It gives users the luxury of getting their bodies into shape whenever they feel the need to. Relatively usable right from the packing, the Echelon Fitness Echelon GS is perfect for those who desire to be more active at home with little space for something larger or more complicated. Moreover, this model is great for someone who wants a decent spin bike without paying the expensive price for a high-end model!


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