Best Fitness BFSB5 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

A no-frills stationary bike that’s durable with quiet operation.

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The Best Fitness BFSB5 Chain Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a stationary indoor cycle. Unlike typical gym-style bikes, it’s designed to produce a similar experience to what it would feel like to ride a bike outdoors. You get a 3’x4′ usage area. It does have a fair amount of adjustable features, including adjustments for seat height and position.

Designed for home use only, the bike does come with a manufacturer’s warranty. When not in use, the bike can easily be transported to a closet or other storage area with the convenient transport wheels that can be lifted upwards when the bike is in use to prevent movement.

The 101-pound stationary bike itself is 44″L x 20″W x 44″H with a 275-pound maximum use capacity. Within a single session, the average user can expect to burn anywhere from 300 to 1200 calories using this type of stationary cycle.

Best Features

  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Updated braking system
  • Chain drive system (creates the feel of a real bike)
  • Adjustable seat (for height and position)
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Transport wheels (for storage)

What We Like

Compared to similar stationary bikes, it’s small enough to use in a bedroom or living room without taking up a lot of space. The 40-pound flywheel is heavy enough to keep the bike in place. However, the bike is still easy to move or store thanks to the convenient retractable transport wheels. We’re also impressed by the sturdy design of the bike.

Unlike similar bikes at the gym, it’s fairly quiet when in operation, except for a slight vibration and some minimal noise from the motion of the wheels. Assembly is fairly simple and adjustments can be made to find the right position for the duration of each use. This also makes it easy to adjust the bike, with height adjustment holes about an inch apart, for multiple users.

Since you don’t have to worry about damaging any electronic devices that are attached to the bike, it’s also easy to keep it clean. The handlebars can be adjusted backwards or forwards to compensate for height differences, especially when making changes for more than one user. A thick padded seat is another plus, especially for users who plan to spend some time on the bike.

What We Don’t Like

Don’t expect any fancy electronic gadgets on this bike, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re looking for a basic stationary bike that will give you a decent indoor workout. While the bike can be adjusted, it’s not really all that great for shorter users. There’s no place to put anything, whether it be a stop watch or water bottle.

The main drawback with this bike is the weight capacity, which is more tailored towards users who want to keep in shape or tone up. It’s not really designed for overweight or obese users. While there are no electronic features on this bike, an LCD screen would come in handy to keep track of progress, elapsed time, calories burned, and other vital stats most people dedicated to fitness tend to prefer. It should be noted that the instructions aren’t all that detailed, so it may take a little effort to put it together if you’re not familiar with assembling this type of exercise bike.

The Bottom Line

In general, we like this bike. If you prefer a no-frills stationary bike that’s fairly durable, you should like this bike too. You’re not going to get any luxury amenities, but that’s really a subjective complaint. The BFSB10 version is a similar model from the same manufacturer that does have a water bottle holder and a few other features you don’t get with this particular model. This model gives you more adjustable features (more than 80 levels of high-low and forward-backward adjustments) and an unlimited range of tension adjustments.

While there are no amenities on the bike itself, the quiet operation does make it possible to watch a movie or keep the TV on while using the bike. If you need a convenient incentive to get in a little exercise before starting your day or an easy way to shed a few pesky pounds, this bike is worth considering.


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