Balanu Mini Exercise Trampoline

A fun and safe rebounder equipped with anti-slip rubber guards and a nice bonus – simple assembly.

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When it comes to working out with trampolines, many trainers worry about the strength and durability of their devices. The Balanu’s durable, heavy duty construction eases all of these worries. With 32 enhanced springs and 6 firm stainless steel legs, the Balanu trampoline is a solid piece of equipment. The rugged frame and strong rebounding surface are able to bear a maximum weight of 220-300 lbs depending on the model. That allows even the strongest of bodybuilders to enhance their practice with challenging balance and mobility movements.

Even the most enthusiastic of jumpers are able to use this device safely. The non-slip design includes anti-slip rubber guards to stop unwanted movement. Additionally, a safety pad surrounds the outside of the device to provide more safety . The non-slip features allow it to be used indoors or outdoors. It could be a great feature in a lawn space or back yard.

Unlike many other trampolines and workout devices that arrive in a box with a thousand different pieces, the Balanu is a remarkably easy to assemble piece of equipment. Each rebounding trampoline includes pre-assembled springs. In fact, the only parts that require any assembly at all are the jumping pad and leg tubes. The great thing is, these pieces take just a few minutes to put together. This means you could be jumping around and getting a great workout in less than a few minutes.

Trainers agree that rebounding trampolines are an essential part of building a great body. It allows for deep balancing muscles to be targeted; muscles that can not be hit just by running on the treadmill or by lifting weights. Trampoline exercise builds mental concentration which can not be matched with any other form of exercise. And on top of that it’s FUN!!

Balanu has several models available including versions with optional removable handrails, single fold, double fold, non-folding, or a 38 to 40 inch circumference. All in all the Balanu rebounding trampoline is a great piece to add to your home gym. It’s a device that both adults and children can practice on safely and have a great time with. It’s time to make exercise fun again!


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