3 Quick Tips to Make Your Spin Bike Seat More Comfortable

Working out is tough enough. Who needs a sore booty to go with it?

Spinning is a great form of exercise that rapidly elevates your heart rate and helps you burn fat. While there are many people who would like to participate in a spin class on a regular basis, one of the complaints that spin instructors frequently hear has to do with the discomfort that a spin bike seat causes a particular rider.

Since the seat or saddle of a bike is a piece of equipment that is not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment, below are a few tips that may help you make your spin bike seat more comfortable.

1. Find the Right Level of Cushion

Spin bike seats normally have a small layer of padding that offers a little bit of cushion for a rider. If you are not comfortable on a standard spin bike seat, you can purchase a gel cover that simply slides over the seat.

This gives you a little bit of extra padding, and it can be a way to alleviate some of the pain that a seat can cause. One of the drawbacks of a seat cover is the fact that they are prone to sliding around on your seat in you have to hammer down on the wheel. If this is an issue for you, you can also buy a seat that has the right amount of padding for you or is shaped correctly. You can then switch it out with the seat that is currently on the bike.

2. Seat Height Is Key

Another way to make your seat more comfortable is to ensure that it is positioned at the correct height. Your legs should not break a 45 degree bend when you are on the bike.

You should also be able to fully extend your leg and almost lock it out when your pedals are at the bottom of your stroke. If you cannot do this, your bike seat will almost certainly cause you pain since there are areas of your body that are striking that seat that should not be contacting a seat. Proper height adjustment is free to a pain free rump.

3. Consider Padded Bike Shorts

A final solution to a bike seat that makes you comfortable actually has nothing to do with the seat at all. Padded bike shorts are worn by all of the top riders and there is a good reason why. This padding and tight fitting Lycra makes it so there is not as much rubbing and friction between skin and seat. It also offers a layer of padded cushion that can make hours on a spin bike bearable.

There you have it – with these three tips your rump will be sure to thank you after your next spinning session.

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